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My name is Adib Rifqi Setiawan, Adib for brief, ΛRS for briefer mononym. I am not the next anyone and love 2NE1. If you are interested in my work, you can find all my dumbs by put “Adib RifqiSetiawan” or “Alobatnic” in search engine like nor Google Scholar. If you hate me, you can deliver that hatred to or direct message to my WhatsApp.

I was born at 13 Syawal 1440 AH / 26 March 1994 CE in a village called Pandak, Colo, right on the outskirts of Kudus, on the mountain. My rural education at Colo journey twice consisted of one-room class where a single teacher educated, took care of, and supervised students everyday. So I never forget Pak Zaini Sirojan, my teacher at that condition. In my journey, Pak Zaini is the my academic-foundation builder with the basic information needed to understand the process of education as human activity.

I lived there until 10 July 2009, when I was fifteen. I went to Madrasah Tasywiquth Thullab Salafiyyah (TBS) Kudus for three years, and then I went to Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) Bandung, in about 13 June 2012.

During the time I was at TBS, I am Pak Muhammad Arifin Fanani’s student in Pondok Pesantren Ma’hadul ‘Ulumisy Sya’iyyah Yanbu’ul Qur’an (MUS-YQ) whose role is to guide me select Islamic Studies coursework, as well as shaping, refining, and directing me of sub-discipline Fiqih. Pak Arifin is the most deeply affecting me, contributes significantly to the start of the high order thinking skils in academics dicipline—he is the very trained educator to do so. Not least, his lectures and papers influences materially to the rise of my interest on the research.

When I was at UPI majored Physics Education I loved it. I thought it was a good place have great atmosphere. I was assigned to Buk Setiya Utari, of whom I had not heard but it the best. Buk Ut was usually around and available to talk that stimulated me to develop my own academic-style. She often advise me to learn what the rest of the world is like and the belief in the ignorance of experts. Her talk and articles affecting my research’s interest in scientific literacy.

I met to Surotul Ilmiyah, who is Public Health Student at that time, in Jombang at 30 November 2012. Since then, Mami Ilmy amazing inspiring and motivating my self nor endless shaping my mindset and influencing my journey as well. Ilmy is my great teacher, best friend, nor one of the key I can mastering a few essential concepts that help me to succeed. It means that she is teach me to try or to get something that I need by persuading me that I should do it to succeed as myself.

I have been interested in principles to teaching (natural) science in Indonesia (it's with less economically developed country), for a long time and would like to discuss it based on my limitations. The main limitations is my very evident lack of understanding of (natural) science, a lack which will grow more apparent as we met or talked. In the second place, I don't know anything about (natural science). I am undergraduate from physics education, so I know that I don't know.

As a matter of fact, I have experience in teaching students in branches of science (natural sciences, religious sciences, formal sciences, social sciences, as well as interdisciplinary studies). As a result of the experience I know that I don't know how to teach. “I don’t know what to do without you... you... you... you...” sang Rosé then Jisoo in BLΛƆKPIИK's Don’t Know Whatto Do.

ΛLΟBΑΤИIƆ, a huge fans of 2NE1 then BLΛƆKPIИK